Muse Mohammed is a Canadian photographer with focused on migration and humanitarian issues worldwide. Largely self-taught, his passion began at an early age with Polaroid he received as a present but truly began to grow in his late teen years. He developed his skills in photography alongside his studies in International Development and later worked in Mogadishu, Somalia, working with a local NGO while also documenting daily life in the horn of Africa.

Muse currently works for the UN Migration Agency (IOM) in Switzerland as one of its main photographers focusing on current and ongoing humanitarian emergencies worldwide. Over the recent years, he has covered the Syrian refugee crisis in neighboring countries; stories of displacement from armed conflict in Yemen, Nigeria, Iraq, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and South Sudan; natural disaster and climate change in Papua New Guinea and Micronesia; the 2017 drought in Somalia; and the 2017 Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh.

He has had his work featured on news media outlets including The Guardian and exhibitions such as Swiss Press Photo 2018.